About The Travel Squad

A Group with a Common Passion

The story of The Travel Squad was simply an idea to connect like-minded, outdoor travel enthusiasts all over the world.


It started from a TikTok... now thousands upon thousands are becoming best friends and planning those crazy adventures around the world together. 


We were constantly hearing comments like ‘I want to do all this crazy adventuring traveling but I have no one to do it with’ or ‘my friends just aren’t as into it or are in relationships and I don’t want to do it alone. The thing is, there’s a whole world out there to see, and what would be better than experiencing it with your own little travel squad. Everyone deserves that opportunity and The Travel Squad was simply an idea to fix this.


So… I called my two best friends, Jack Mannix and Josh Handley, and said ‘right, how do we bring all these people together?’. It needed to be more than just a Facebook page. We needed connections, group chats, meet-ups, we needed a full-on community. Working together to get everyone involved, so that’s what we did! 


Through lots of effort, stupid amounts of zoom calls, so much trial, and error failing and succeeding, we really are bringing together something special.


We are chasing the dream. The dream is to have a travel community bringing all walks of life experiencing their own travel journeys.


This will always be a free community but a part of our dream is to also grow a business to service it. Maybe you need help with planning and booking your adventures. I’d love to one day be able to provide you with the equipment you’ll need or events where you can meet other members or merchandise that says what you’re about. Most importantly, services that help you see the world and raise money for charity.


We’re helping thousands around the world so far and the best part is we’re only just getting started.


Alex Merritt ©