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There is no one single way of getting involved in The Travel Squad. We're here to give you the opportunity to find new people but the people that have had their lives changed by TTS are the ones that have put themselves out there and engaged with others! 


After months of watching people connect and build new relationships, we've understood the patterns and put together the best options to get involved.

Once you have been accepted into the Facebook group, you have options of TTS feeds to use to find your travel buddies, get into group chats, organise meet ups, plan your travels and then go on an adventure!!!

The main TTS feeds are split into; TTS - Europe, TTS - Asia, TTS - UK, TTS - USA, TTS - Australia, TTS - Germany, TTS - Canada. (More will be added depending the demand).

These are now pinned to the top of the main page and where we want everyone to delegate their posts to as the main feed can be very busy! You can make an introduction post that relates to the relevant sub groups. The main page has huge amounts of traction and it may benefit you focusing on an audience related to your adventures. 


To gain access to the subgroups, you HAVE to be a member of the leading TTS group

Most Connections Made In TTS Happen In The Comment Sections

We want to push for people not purely to rely on their introduction posts. With the constant uphill battle of algorithms and the wait to get your post onto our dynamic feeds, we'd hate for you to miss out on where most of the opportunities are by relying on this. 


The people who make the most connections in TTS see the popular posts with a lot of engagement and connect with others in the comment section looking for a similar adventure.

Utilising the Search Bar 

This is your tool to use to find like-minded travel buddies!! 

Use keywords to help find relevant profiles/posts! Such as 'Scotland' 'paddleboard' 'Bali' 'USA'

We are happy for you to drop your socials as a way for people to connect with you, i.e. your Instagram handle.

TTS Subgroups 

TTS Subgroups can be found in the 'Guides section' of the Facebook page. Hit the three lines in the top left of the screen and you can access 'Guides' there. To gain access to the subgroups, you HAVE to be a member of the leading TTS group. This is where everyone closer to you will be! You can always find local group chats, the events pages on the subgroups are utilised so much more and are the perfect way to get involved in your first meet up. 

TTS Meet up events. 

Meetups are one of the best ways to meet new people in the same position as you. In the TTS subgroups, members use the events tabs to organise all kinds of meetups from weekends away, to the local pub quiz, to hikes to escape rooms. After feedback from our audience, we found that the closest friendships happen from getting people out of their comfort zones and heading to a local member organised event with a bunch of strangers.


This community is built on the people using it to help connect with others. If you have an idea of something you've always wanted to do with a group of friends, why not create an event and post about it to see who wants to come?

Group Chats

Group chats are a huge part of The Travel Squad! There are 100’s of group chats made through TTS monthly. In the main group, group chats are made constantly through members comments so keep an eye out and as TTS ourselves we do our best to provide and refresh as many travel group chats and post them in the page for members interested. 

All TTS subgroups have the local group chats posted in their group description. 


Keep posting about your group chat/travel ideas! Some chats might go quiet after a while which is why we want you to keep posting/commenting about new ones and welcoming more to get involved.

All we ask is if you create a TTS chat, use TTS in the name. For example; 'TTS Manchester', 'TTS outdoor swimming', 'TTS Climbing' 'TTS Interrail 2022'. 

For additional guidance about TTS group chats, follow the below link:

Repeated or serious breach of these guidelines can lead to removal from TTS.

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