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Global Convoy

Here's a video of Global Convoy's last adventure to give you an idea of what to expect.

"Whether you have £1000 or £100, we want to craft experiences that practically anyone can get involved with.

We’re here to run adventures that don’t cost a life savings. Adventures that test you and force you to grow. Do you have a year spare? No! Of course you don’t! So we’re creating adventures where people can come and go as they please! And most importantly, we show every slip, stumble, struggle and awkward fart in an elevator along the way!"

This video is about their first ever trip together and how the concept of Global Convoy came to life.

Since this venture began, Global Convoy have hosted a number of successful adventure road trips all around the world. They're now ready to help The Travel Squad members share these experiences.

Some of the awards that Global Convoy have received.

Introducing 4 TTS exclusive road trips

We will be launching four adventure road trips for TTS members hosted by Global Convoy with an exclusive TTS discount.

There will be two road trips in 2022 and two road trips in early 2023. Each trip will go live on our website for you to sign up/get more information over the coming days.

If your sign up is successful, you will be invited to a 10 minute video call with the founders of Global Convoy to ensure the trips a good fit for everyone.

Four trips coming soon!

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