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Maximum inclusions & 

minimal costs

All TruTravels trips will have all of your activities included! We're also focussing on putting TruExclusives into every itinerary to ensure our travellers get an immersive local experience that they wouldn't be able to get anywhere else.

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Why we work with TruTravels

Not only are TruTravels providing some of the most affordable and innovative travel experiences out there. But they're also providing TTS members an exclusive discount on their tours!

Making the already affordable even cheaper.

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"We're the travel company with blow-your-socks-off-tours"

We do things that stay with you forever. We run the trips that you'd never describe as 'good'. Because you didn't come here looking for 'good'. You came here looking for 'life-changing'.

Ain't that the Tru-th.

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We refer to our guides as Travel Ninjas because they're badass mo-fo's!

They'll move heaven and earth to make sure every experience is 136x better than you expected. It's like travelling with a bunch of your mates, but one of them just happens to know where they're going.

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TruTravels x Ecologi

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Since our tours re-launched in August 2021 and off-setting our employees' carbon footprint since January 2021, we have planted 17,390 trees and offset over 240 tons of carbon. All that in less than a year... and WE'RE ONLY JUST STARTING!!!

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