100 TTS Members

10 Villas

1 Insane week!

The Luxèweek are a company based in Bali that, as stated above; take 100 people to the most insane, luxury villas in Bali, for a week you'll never forget.

They now offer an additional week exclusively for The Travel Squad. 

Alex went to check out some of the villas

What's included?

"We completely understand that when it comes to travelling, you want less of the boring tourist traps and more of the moments that really make you feel alive.

That's why when it comes to curating experiences we focus on including the perfect blend of adventure, partying, relaxation and culture - ensuring that there really is something for everyone."

-The Luxèweek

The first TTS x Luxèweek is Sold Out!

How do I get involved in the next one? (2023 dates TBC)

Make sure you're a part of the official Travel Squad group on Facebook and following us on Instagram - once dates are confirmed they will be announced here.


How does it all work?

Once you have booked onto The Luxèweek, you will then be added to a private TTS ran Facebook group where you can connect with others, plan travel arrangements and meet before Luxèweek.

A questionnaire will be sent to you via email so that the trip can be catered around you. All Travel Squad trips are tailored towards helping you meet new people.

We will then make a private chat for everyone to get to know each other and we can share your villa allocations so you can find out who you'll be sharing with for the week.

After that, the last step is to book your flights and get yourself out for the most memorable week with your TTS family.

EARLY BIRD BOOKINGS OPEN OCT 30! (1000 x 1000 px) (1080 x 1350 px) (1000 × 1000px) (18)_au
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