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TTS Trips

The Travel Squad is all about turning online connections into real life experiences.

So many people have joined TTS to go to all the places they've wanted to but never had the chance to. Now they get to go with other likeminded individuals.

Below are some trips with well-established members of the community that share our passion for connecting people whilst also going to see these incredible places.

When you find a trip you would like to join, head to the form at the bottom of this page, fill out your details and we will reach out to you with more info about the trip!

To learn more about a trip, fill in the form at the bottom of the page!


TTS Thailand - 12/10/2023

Price - £625 

Hey, I'm Jamie and I joined TTS a little under a year ago and didn't know what to expect. I joined a local meet up and have since made countless new friends.

I've been to lots of new places and had so many new experiences and I'll always tell people to just go for it.

I've organised camping, kayaking, climbing, even managed to get 60+ people to Budapest!

I can't wait to see what South East Asia has to offer!

nusa penida.jpg

TTS Bali - 30/09/2023 (10 days)

Price - £675

Hey I'm Lauren, from Shropshire!

Almost 2 years ago I made the decision to join a Facebook group to meet new friends and go on more local and worldwide adventures.

With that I have now grown so much confidence and I have met some of my best friends. I'm now looking for some other members to join me in travelling to across the globe to do a 10 day Bali Experience with!


TTS Montenegro - 03/09/2023 (8 days)

Price - £999 (£899 TTS Discount)

Hey, I'm Emilia from Manchester. I have been a member of TTS for 12 months now where I have been been on multiple trips in both Europe and the UK, some of which I organized myself.

I've been to Thailand, interrailed through Europe and will  soon be travelling through Australia and other countries.


TTS Morocco - 10/09/2023 (9 days)

Price - £1149 (£1049 TTS Discount)

Hey, I'm Brandon from Essex. I've been in TTS for just over a year now and been to loads of events. I love travelling, especially across Italy (feels like a second home to me now) and creating content when I do travel has become a great hobby of mine!

nusa penida.jpg

TTS Bali - 25/09/2023 (10 days)

Price - £675

Hey, I'm Nadine from Scotland. I've been in TTS for 5 months now! I've travelled to a lot of different countries and for my goal for 2023 is to visit a new country each month.

So far, I have done Amsterdam, Finland and Estonia. I'm putting feelers out there for anyone who would like to join myself and others in Bali! Give me a message if you're interested and I can send you more details about the trip :)


TTS Corfu - 30/09/2023 (8 days)

Price - £999 (£899 TTS Discount)

Hey my names Madison, I’m 22 from Manchester UK. I’ve been a member of The Travel Squad for almost 12 months now, and I’ve met so many amazing friends for life.

I’ve been on a couple of city breaks with TTS and i am planning on travelling with TTS so much more in 2023. 
I’ve been to 14 countries so far and can’t wait to add more to my list! I’m hoping to experience more beach holidays in 2023 with boat excursions and exploring the views.


TTS Komodo - 01/10/2023 (9 days)

Price - £1150

Hey!! I'm Jess, originally from Hull but now I've moved to Leeds to study Events Management. I officially joined TTS in November after look for unique and exciting trips. I've always loved exploring new cultures and cuisines. A fun fact about me is that I worked a season in Malia at 18!

I'm looking forward to making new friends and seeing where The Travel Squad goes next. Join me in Indonesia to see Komodo!


TTS Jordan - 27/10/2023 (8 days)

Price - £1124 (£1024 TTS Discount)


Hey, I'm Rachael, from the south of England. I've been a part of TTS snice 2021. Like most people in TTS, I love to travel and meet new people. I'm slowly but surely scratching off countries on my world map, currently at 37 with the aim of visiting every country in Europe before I'm 40!

I arrange a lot of hikes locally and since May 2022 have arranged six TTS trips abroad in Europe - Lake Como, Vienna, Gothenburg, Slovenia, Riga & Luxembourg! I'm excited to get further afield and explore Jordan with TTS members from all over the world!

sri lanka.jpg

TTS Sri Lanka - 21/11/2023 (10 days)

Price - £995

Hey hey, I’m Miriam, 24 years old, from Brisbane, Australia. As of February this year, I sold everything I had back home, bought a one way ticket to the other side of the world and am currently travelling around UK and Europe! I have grown up travelling with my family, however am now wanting to experience everything with my own plans, while I meet new people along the way - which is how I found out about TTS!
I love going on hikes & adventures, adrenaline pumping activities, being out on the water and will never shy away to experience and try something new. I plan to continue travelling and exploring the rest of the world for a few more years and am very excited to meet a whole bunch of TTS members who share the same passion as I do!

bali 1.jpg

TTS Bali - 18/09/2023 (10 days)

Price - £675

Hi everyone I’m Becky, from the midlands, UK. Bali has been on my travel bucket list for years after returning from Thailand 3/4 years ago! Im so excited to finally be going. As my holidays are limited with work, I’m only able to go to Bali for a couple of weeks. So doing a tour made so much sense for me as everything is pre sorted we just need to turn up!


TTS Jordan - 05/10/2023 (8 days)

Price - £999 (£899 TTS Discount)

  Hello 👋 my name is Taylor and I am from northern Alberta, Canada. I originally joined hoping to hop on trips with other solo travellers and I found so many great people with similar mindsets. Traveling has been a part of my life since I can remember, from family vacations as a kid to my own adventures now, I don’t know where I’d be without these experiences. I can’t wait to continue my journey around the world with TTS! 🤗🌎


TTS Philippines - 21/10/2023 (8 days)

Price - £975

Hey guys! I'm CJ from London, UK. I've travelled last year with people I met from TTS and visited different countries around South East Asia. Some of them are some of my close friends now. I'll be travelling again this year to the Philippines which is my mom's homeland so gonna be sick to go there with some of you lot. I'm a filmmaker so I'll be travelling with my camera. Excited to create some epic memories and content with you guys!!!


TTS Turkey - 17/09/2023 (8 days)

Price - £1199 (£1099 TTS Discount)

Hey guys, I’m Alex 🙋🏼‍♀️ I’m 24 and from Sheffield, UK. I’ve been in TTS for almost 2 years but properly started going on trips around a year ago! ✈️ I have the goal of travelling to all 7 continents before I turn 30 so I’m starting off close to home and making my way around Europe before I hopefully head further afield later this year! 🌍

bali 2.jpg

TTS Bali - 21/10/2023 (10 days)

Price - £675

Hey everyone, I’m Cassie! Was born in the US but grew up mainly in Romania. I moved to London 3 years ago for uni and while I’ve been here I discovered TTS! I’ve been in the group for about a year now and finally went on my first trip a few weeks ago! Travelling has always been one of my favorite things to do, discovering different cultures and trying different foods! TTS gave me the opportunity to do this with like-minded people and made amazing friends along the way! Can’t wait to hop on a plane and see some more beautiful places the world has to offer! :)


TTS Thailand - 05/10/2023 (14 days)

Price - £1150

Hey! I'm Kayleigh from Nottingham, UK! I've been a member of The Travel Squad since 2021 and have been involved in lots of hikes, trips and events throughout the years. I've done a few long backpacking and interailing trips around Europe and absolutely loved them. Now I'm looking to explore some international countries where i can learn about their culture, see their beautiful landscapes and I hope to meet some like likeminded people along the way!

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