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TTS UK Events

Meeting your squad and experiencing new things.

There are two types of UK event/meet-up in TTS.

New Community Event Template WEB.png
New Event Template WEB.png

Community Events

Official Events

Community meet-ups are organised by the TTS community, specifically the members. 

You can find these posted on the UK Subgroup, your local Subgroup or in TTS group chats.

Community Event

TTS Official Events are organised and ran by trusted Travel Squad hosts. Members that we know have created and ran amazing meet-ups before.

These events will be posted about on the main TTS page and for 2023 we will be sending them out to those who have registered their interest via email.

(Register at the bottom of the page)


Official Event

What to expect

Community made meet-ups:

They're made by members just like you, who want to get together and build an idea, but it's on the whole group to bring that idea to life - it's all about working together and bringing something to the table. If the organiser is booking the hostel, can you help with food? Bring the firewood? Suggesting activities? Making sure you have enough burgers (and probably beers) to get through the weekend. 


Make a post on our pages or in group chats to see who's interested before creating an event. 

"Who wants to go here"
"I've always wanted to go here/do this, would anyone else want to?"

"Comment if you're interested and I'll make a group chat"  

Remember that it's a team effort, the person who suggested the trip shouldn't have to organise the entirety of the trip and isn't a professional event runner.

TTS Official events:

These are trips hosted by TTS trusted organisers. We know these guys and girls have put on some amazing trips before. 

They will be larger scale than your community meet-up, so expect a fair few people to show up.

They're tailored to helping you meet new, like-minded people. Our purpose with these trips is for you to come away with brand new friends and to have a wicked adventure that you couldn't have done on your own.

Be notified about UK Events

Thanks for registering. Keep an eye on your inbox for more information!

As with all things TTS, our events are aimed at helping you meet new people and experience new things.

Please make sure you attend these events/meet-ups at your own risk. Not every event organiser is a trained professional and is simply a member that wants to help connect and meet new people themselves.

The Travel Squad and Event organisers will not be liable for any loss/damage of property or injury that may occur on events. Please attend these trips with the same mindset as you would for anything else.

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