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Both The Travel Squad and WeRoad have the same vision. To help people connect with other like-minded individuals - to help them travel and experience things that they might not have before. This is why we are proud to be partnered with them!

Our friends at WeRoad have been amazing enough to offer The Travel Squad community discount on ALL of their tours!

USE CODE: TTSWEROAD100 For £100 off any tour on the WeRoad website!

We're not your ordinary travel agency.

We're a community of travellers.

"WeRoad was born to connect people, cultures and stories, through that magical activity we call 'travelling'. So we group people together and send them to live incredible adventures around the globe."


Connecting people

Our business is profoundly human: it’s built on relationships and interactions - not only while we're travelling. We plan many events throughout the year to meet and engage our community and enable our WeRoaders and Travel Coordinators to share their stories with one another.


Every day we get to see the impact our work has and we’re reminded that we earn a living making connections and changing lives. Not many companies can say that. This is our “why” - the reason we come to work every day - and we consider it a privilege.

Connecting cultures

We take people all over the world in order to make them experience different things, 'cause we believe that there's so much more if we just find the courage to take that leap. During our tours, we encounter many different cultures that enrich us and change the way we look at things.


Our approach is 'we can learn something from everybody' - and, on the other hand, we can also give something back. What we understand is that, at the end of the day, there is no difference, and that we're all the same.

Thailand group pic 2.jpg

Connecting stories

All people, with their background, have a story to tell: that's the last 'step' of our vision - listening to all those stories, coming from the people that we meet during our travels. Every story gives us something and we consider it a little treasure, far more precious than any souvenir we can bring home with us.


Check out what WeRoad are all about!

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