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Our main goal is to bring as many people together as possible, so we want as many of you to get involved and get creative with making your own Travel Squad Events. A Weekend away in the lakes in an Airbnb? Hostel getaways? Camping? Hiking? Sunset chasing? BBQs? Adventure activities? Fancy dress party? Marshmallows around the campfire? The room for creativity with Travel Squad Events is endless and we want you all to get involved!


Post your idea on the pages, gather interest through the comments and you're a group chat away from a trip to remember! (Please include TTS group chat rules in the description)We do have 4 simple principles/guides for events.

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Making sure everyone is included, not everyone has the same level of confidence and we want you all to work together to make sure no one feels left out. 

Events are purely for bringing the community together, to be affordable for everyone and not for financial gain of the organiser. If we deem the profit margins to be too high, it can be declined or requested further contact with us for it to be adjusted. ​


TTS run Events are exclusively for TTS members only and to be a member they have to be accepted into the main page. Inviting people that have not been approved into our community can cause safety issues.  There must be no substance abuse at TTS Events, if substance abuse is proven you will be removed from the group.

For problems/issues that arise on TTS Events that are out of the event organisers control. Please contact for advice.

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