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The Travel Squad Welfare Team

The vast majority of TTS Events and/or the online experience are thoroughly enjoyed by all participants, however it is very important to us that all members feel safe during these events/group chats. We take great care that these events and group chats allow approved TTS members only as part of our effort to keep you all safe and enjoying your experience. Therefore, we have created the TTS Welfare Team that operates outside of TTS so that it can independently assess any issues brought to its attention. This can be concerns raised before, during or after an event or even online exchanges. In short, if someone in TTS is causing you genuine problems that you or an admin cant resolve. Please contact the welfare team.


For more in depth information about our safeguarding and conduct, please refer to our safeguarding page (which can be found at the bottom of this page).



Case Manager


- Advice & guidance around mental health

- Child & adult safeguarding

- Suicide prevention

- Working with people with disabilities

- Dealing with sexual assault cases in all forms

- Homelessness


Case Manager


- Works with children, young people and vulnerable adults

- Supporting vulnerable adults in their workplace


Case Manager


- Health and wellbeing lead

- Mental health first aider

- Mindfulness at work lead

- 5+ years experience in disciplinaries, grievances, tribunals and relations

- Cultural Ambassador


Case Manager


- Degree in Psychology, Forensic Psychology & Clinical Associate Psychology

- Worked for a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team

- Psychological assessment, formulation & therapy for a variety of mental health needs

Our mission statement

To maintain a safe community for all of our members, by fostering a culture focused on open and honest communication, safety, respect, diversity and inclusion and trust. Our goal is to support you in the best way that we can and to reach a fair conclusion and outcome of any circumstances we may be informed of. 

Please be aware that The Travel Squad Welfare Team is a team of volunteers, The people that work for our Welfare Team are not paid and do not do this as a full-time job. Please allow them some time to respond to any queries and/or ongoing investigations. Thank you.

You can contact us via email or Instagram which can be found below.

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